Looking forward

to the new large format painting studio. All material has be… READ MORE

I am loving the

walking bridge in RVA!  What a beautiful place to paint fr… READ MORE

Sometimes the funnest

paintings are the ones where you have mere minutes to start a… READ MORE

Masterpiece of the Month

  Cow’s Skull with Calico Roses Georgia headin…

Many painters paint

like this.  I only know one really good painter who doesn&#… READ MORE

While I was painting this

  “We gain control, only seeking to loose it. Ye… READ MORE

It was a very hot afternoon

and my friend and I wanted to go paint down by the river.  My k… READ MORE

Down to the river..

I have painted this painting many times, but not this year. I… READ MORE

The plan was to

start at the Northern side of Pea Island and paint my way Sout… READ MORE