I am loving the

walking bridge in RVA!  What a beautiful place to paint fr… READ MORE

Sometimes the funnest

paintings are the ones where you have mere minutes to start a… READ MORE

As a painter, it is necessary

to read the emotion or feeling a place gives you.  Then the… READ MORE

Pushing the inner artist is

an important factor in developing a painter’s skill… READ MORE

I have effectively spent my summer lost

in my plein air paintings.  As I know every season changes… READ MORE

Sometimes there are blessings in disguise

      I was rejected to a high end show that I w… READ MORE

Masterpiece of the Month

  Cow’s Skull with Calico Roses Georgia headin…

Many painters paint

like this.  I only know one really good painter who doesn&#… READ MORE

While I was painting this

quote came into my head  yesterday. I read it to my farrier,… READ MORE

It was a very hot afternoon

and my friend and I wanted to go paint down by the river.  My k… READ MORE