Back home and

soaking up the scenery here.  We drove around for quite som… READ MORE

Morro Bay California, 6″x8″, Oil

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The Best Thing

about my painting experience in Ventura is that Superman ca… READ MORE

Morro Bay

is one more spot we spent time at this last trip to California… READ MORE

Salt Creek California

is one of my favorite places to paint.  Normally a high traf… READ MORE

I Love

Farrier day.  Every six weeks, I get to set up in the barn and… READ MORE


The sun finally came out yesterday. A break from the dreary r… READ MORE

The Art of the Palette

Look like a chicken?  This is my palette after my most recen… READ MORE

Something to be Proud of, 6″x6″, Oil

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I’m All Ears, 6″x8″, Oil

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