Big Cheese, 6″x8″, Oil

It’s abstract painting on the mind the past few weeks… READ MORE

Sandpiper’s Buffett,6″x8″, Oil

  It was typical. When I began the painting, the ocean w… READ MORE

Selfless Servant

I am a public art installation when I am painting outside. … READ MORE

Barn Yard Strut, 6″x8″, Oil

  Sometimes when you have a rooster, no one rests in the… READ MORE

Painting in Progress

I love the block in as much as the finished painting.  They a… READ MORE

painting with Kevin

I am so happy to have had some time with Kevin Macpherson at my… READ MORE

Open for wine Tasting

  I painted this small piece in Kevin Macpherson̵… READ MORE

Time for Dinner, Kent Narrows, MD

Click Here to Bid Even though the day was dreary, the weather… READ MORE

After the Eclipse,6″x8″, Plein Air Oil

I was reading some written notes from an Ovanes Berberian(o… READ MORE

Endless Fun, 9″x12″, Plein Air Oil

Life is good! I took a dip in the ocean to cool off after this on… READ MORE