Frisco Pier, OBX, 9″x12″, Oil

The raggedness attracted me. The dilapidated pier against… READ MORE

Strand Lake, Grand Tetons

Strand Lake, Grand Teton National Park, Jackson Wyoming, 8… READ MORE

10,500 feet!

      We took the tram up to the top of the ski r… READ MORE

Near Moose WY

Sun rise this morning near Moose, WY.  We essentially had t… READ MORE

String Lake

String lake, Grand Teton National Park. A deer hung out with… READ MORE

Near Entrance Grand Teton Park

      Sun rise.. It was very red, and some clo… READ MORE

Sun Set

Very quick sketch, sun set goes fast. We have been painting s… READ MORE

Towards Gros Ventre

We saw 2 moose, 1 grizzly bear, kept hearing wolves… B… READ MORE

South Jenny Lake

Utterly exhausted because we have been gluttonous…… READ MORE

Mormon Row, Grand Teton National Park

  In progress, sun rise painting, Jackson Hole…… READ MORE