Motley Crew, 6″x8″, Oil

Click Here to Bid Goats, they just make me laugh. They are fun… READ MORE

Sun Rise on the James

Sun Rise on the James, 9″x12″, Plein Air Oil Th… READ MORE

The James River, 9″x12″, Plein Air Oil

There are some evenings that are so beautiful they make each… READ MORE

Destination Found,8″x10″,Oil

Hopefully I am on the brink of the breakthrough that I have be… READ MORE

Divine Intervention

Totally exhausted, trying to finish up this painting, my br… READ MORE

White Wash in OBX

White Wash, 11″x14″, Plein-Air Oil It was an o… READ MORE

Essence Study, 8″x10″, Oil

Is painting so meaningful to the soul because most of itR… READ MORE

Tough Guy,6″x6″, Oil

Click Here to Bid Tough Guy, 6″x6″, Oil, click… READ MORE