in my plein air paintings.  As I know every season changes, and brings forth new working habits, I can say I will be sad to see this time outside go. Usually when the school bus starts to run, my plein air time gets soaked up with packing lunches, doing homework, and trying to keep up with the hectic schedule of school in general.  However this year is a bit different. I have noticed that I will set up my easel after the bus whisks the kids off to school.  I have even been doing homework with kids right after the bus returns, and then heading outside for the last bit of light.  Clearly, I will have to be forced back into the studio this year by driving rain, cold, and depressing grey days.  I have endless pictures of my summer escapades, and I wish I had more of my audience members; It seems I had a very attentive fan club consisting of goats(hard to paint with because they eat all your paper towels), cats(hard to paint with because they jump on your palette and attack your ankles), cows(always easy), horses(constantly complaining because they want you to feed them breakfast instead of catching the light), a beagle(easy, likes to snore though), and dirty little boys(hard, because they are always hungry).  My mother has been able to join me many times this summer which has been fun.  If you look closely, she is actually in the river painting below, painting as well.

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