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Cow’s Skull with Calico Roses


Georgia heading to town.  Photo taken by Ansel Adams!

Birds of a feather flock together


Georgia  O’keeffe in her studio.

Born November 15, 1887 in Wisconsin, USA.
Died March 6, 1986 in Santa Fe New Mexico, USA.

The Beloved Georgia O’Keeffe. 

We had my mother in law over for dinner.  Apparently she had just gotten back from New Mexico where she visited the studio/home of Georgia O’keeffe.  She was very exited about the trip and came bearing gifts.  She also brought with her a book for us to look at for the evening.   Upon opening the book, it was like finding my long lost best friend.  I looked through the book with such pleasure, and intimacy.   The connection I had with Georgia O’keeffe in college was still very strong, and I realized I had not been giving that part of my artistic self the attention it needed.  College for me was in Durango, Colorado.  The landscape South and West of there is what she painted…rugged, warm, and beautiful.  Her ranch is a short drive from there.  My good friend and first painting instructor, John Thomas, was also strongly influenced by her work…or as so I perceived….maybe he was just influenced by the whole area…guess I’ll never know.  Unbeknownst, or effortlessly, I somehow developed a strong attraction to her, and her work as a young artist.
Her ultimate freedom and individuality is markedly important, and is crystallized in American art History.  Her spirit resonates with in me profoundly.   I now keep 2 small framed photos of her paintings in my bathroom (of course from Austin’s sweet mom).  I hadn’t been moved like that since the last time I saw her work. It was like returning to a beautiful oasis called home.   Somehow, after that night with that book, it seemed painting was effortless again, and I just painted, and painted and painted.  They just kept coming out.  Thank you Georgia, and thank you Gracie for igniting that fire!