Sometimes the most

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drab mornings can make some of the best paintings if you get your ego out of the way.  I had been watching the lake all week every morning as I got the family ready for their day.  It was exploding with intense colors, steam, geese rustling in the water.  Every morning was a new and even better display of natures glory.  So, I called my friend over to paint the sun rise Saturday morning.  I told her of the amazing scenes I had been witnessing but was unable to paint during the weekday schedule.  She was hooked, and showed up at the crack of dawn.  And yes, Saturday morning proved to be pure gray… no colors, no mist, no geese.  Hilarious.  I had waited all week for this?  We chose to paint the gray, and have fun anyway.  I really enjoyed the painting, and that’s what it’s all about.

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