quote came into my head  yesterday. I read it to my farrier, (who happens to be a top 10 world ranked Reiner) and asked if he felt it was relevant to working his horses. He said a passionate “yes”. I feel it would resonate with all the arts/sports, and more…..

“We gain control, only seeking to loose it. Yet if one never seeks the control, he/she is merely hiding behind fears of perceived failure. Therefore, true Mastery possesses both control and no control simultaneously until they dissolve into one another and become simply undetectable.”

On a side note… due to popular demand..While the title of this painting brings up all kinds of emotions, and questions, this piece is entitled “The Nanny”, for only one reason.  She not only is a friend of mine, but is a dear friend of my dear friend, and was her nanny.  So, there goes the mystery.  It was funner to contemplate wasn’t it….




The Nanny